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How does it work?

When you open a brokerage account through us, the broker pays us part of their spread or commission for every trade you make as compensation for referring a customer. For some brokers we share the majority of our revenue with you, paying you a cash rebate for each trade you make as thank you for signing up with us. For other brokers, including Dukascopy EU, part of commission is transferring to the trader by brokerage directly. Your spreads and trading conditions remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is: as our client you earn extra cash per trade, making trading through us more profitable than opening direct with the broker.

How to Start?

  1. Register for a free account on this site.
  2. Choose a broker and click the link or icon, then follow the instructions on the next page. You will receive a confirmation email from us when your account has been verified.
  3. Visit My Payout Options in your account tab and update your payment information.
  4. Begin actively trading the account and cash rebate payments will arrive!

We look forward to working with you and wish you success in your forex trading!

How much will I earn?

Your earnings will depend on three things:

  • The rebate rate for the broker's product you choose
  • The pairs you trade
  • The volume you trade on each pair

Calculate how much you will Earn now!

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* figures based on 20 days trading month

How can I make even more cash?

Many of our clients have built large residual income streams by referring traders to us. All you need to do is refer traders to our website using your unique affiliate link. When a trader you refer earns cash back, you earn 10% of the amount they receive, and if they refer friends who then refer friends you get paid on all those people's commissions as well! Once you are logged in, just look in your 'My Profile' tab or at the top of any page for your affiliate link.

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What others say about us

An excellent rebate broker with a team of real professionals! Good job!

Andrei Tanase, Bucharest, Romania

A company that respects its customers for withdrawals promptly, excellent customer support, and from the competition offers a promotions section with each broker.

lunyz, Romania

Fast and good support. very fast payment. I received money after few hour after request.

LINH, HCM, Viet Nam

I opened an account in XM forex via link of FXrebate in January 2014 and in the beginning of February received my first rebate. Fxrebate is very good rebate service, all transactions are very fast including withdraw which can be received via PayPal or Skrill. Very good support and I can recommend this rebate service to other traders.