Traders missing out on monthly profits of up to 5%

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Article published in: "Business Journal", "Bloomberg Business Week", "CNBC", "DailyNews", "Reuters", "The Sun", and other renowned financial publishers.

FXrebate, Romania's largest cash rebate provider, is encouraging retail traders to choose a broker through their referral network and benefit from passive monthly profits.

Brokers affiliated with FXrebate are some of the most recognized in the world and offer trading instruments for currencies, CFDs, stocks and indexes.

The rebates traders receive are covered by the advertising budgets of these major brokers, who view FXrebate as an effective marketing tool.

Each major broker pays a commission for each referred trade from FXrebate. The majority of this commission is then passed on as a 'rebate' to the original trader, while FXrebate takes the remaining percentage.

The concept has gained significant traction since its creation in 2011. To date, the rebate broker has opened over 3,000 broker accounts for over 1,000 registered users, which is an average of 50 new broker accounts per week.

Despite the popularity of the service, the hierarchy at FXrebate believes many traders are unaware of the potential profits rebates represent.

Sergiu Paramanov, general manager at FXrebate, says: "The truth is most retail traders just don't know that they could be making extra money by using a rebate broker such as ourselves.

"The potential is incredible. We've seen our users bolster their monthly profits by up to 5%, with those who trade more regularly earning the most. It's important to remember that these rebates are entirely passive and require no change in trading methodology at all.

"These rebates are paid regardless of whether a trader makes a profit or loss from their trades too, so they can provide a little extra security for months which haven't yielded expected returns."

Due to the significant amount of traders using its service, FXrebate is in a position to negotiate competitive rebate prices for its users.

"Since we have a large number of users, we have the ability to negotiate rebates on all the trades that are made through our network. We also use a unique, proprietary algorithm in order to calculate rebates across many different broker reporting formats," explains Paramanov.

In addition to providing rebates, FXrebate also provides a series of educational resources for retail traders and has a dedicated customer service team that can be contacted by live chat, email and telephone.

Because of their considerable size and market influence, FXrebate can also help its users solve ongoing disputes with brokers.

"I would urge any retail forex trader who is looking to bolster their profits to explore the potential of our rebate broker service. It really is one of the simplest ways to generate extra income when placing trades and requires no additional action on the part of the trader."

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