Proffessional Courses for Capital Markets

AS Financial Markets is a training company certified by the ASF (Romanian Supervision Commission) under no. A/157/24.10.2013. It was founded in 2013, with the purpose of raising the educational standard of the active participants on the stock market, but also of the students willing to embrace this profession. The trainers, with an impressive experience of over 15 years on the stock market, will give a new face to this profession practiced in Romania.

  • The main activity of the company is to organise courses regarding the stock market.
  • In order all the operators and specialists to be updated with more useful information, a large part of the actions will take place online. The internet public domain is

“To become a successful man in any profession, three things are necessary: environment, study and practice.” - Henry Ward Beecher

The permanent study in order to increase and diversify the professional competences and to apply them successfully in practice is in our time, a necessity. For this, AS Financial Markets proposes, through the wide range of courses organised, a climate of development based on efficiency, fairness and professionalism.

Taking part in the AS Financial Markets courses you will have ensured the learning of one or more specific competencies, you will improve your professional knowledge and you will gain key competencies for a career on the stock market.

Vision, mission, strategy

  • Our mission is to turn our passion into a prosperous business famed at a national level
  • We wish to develop the company’s activity on multiple fields, satisfying the needs of a large customer segment. Beside training activities we will offer a full range of information regarding the FX, stocks, and commodities markets.
  • ASFM aims to train the participants with regard to the general legislative framework of the capital markets, the main institutions of the capital markets, the main markets and financial instruments available on the Romanian and international markets, their responsibilities as future stock brokers as well as the working documentation needed for the investing clients.


Stock Broker Courses

  • The course is for people who want to work within an investment services company, credit institutions, active on the capital markets, as well as interested investors, to learn more about investing in financial markets.

Financial Services Consultant Courses

  • The financial consultant tries to answer the financial necessities of customers, both natural and legal persons. Based on the ASF regulations, investment consultants are natural or legal persons which professionally offer consulting services regarding financial instruments. Through investment consultancy, one refers to the personal recommendation made to a client, with regard to one or more transactions using financial instruments.

Internal Control Compartment Personnel Courses

  • According to the CNVM regulation no. 32/2006 the authorised societies for the stock market are required to create an Internal Control department specialising in checking that the company and its personnel respect and apply the legal provisions in effect, the ASF regulations and internal procedures, to ensure the company’s and its employees information with regard to the judicial regime applicable to the stock market.

Continuous Development Courses

  • Depending on the European and Romanian legislative changes, online webinars will be organised. Other useful themes for the stock market and banking system will be presented.

Why AS Financial Markets?

  • The accent falls on the practical education of the trainees
  • Lower prices than those of the competitors
  • Experienced lectors from specialising universities, Romanian and international specialists
  • Course flexibility both in programming as well as the themes in the trainees interest areas
  • Over 15 years of experience in the stock market
  • Over 10 years as trainer and course organiser within Sibex Stock Exchange
  • Multiple collaborations with brokers on the international markets
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