We all hear of impressive earnings as a result of stock market investments, made by people earning millions of Euros on FOREX (such as the well-known George Soros).

But, before jumping into the capital market (the so-called “stock exchange”) or the foreign exchange market (FOREX), it is necessary to have a solid knowledge, a disciplined manner of thinking and organization and a well thought-out plan.

A successful trader is an highly calculated individual, knowing how to manage risks and earnings and has the ability to make correct and just decisions, even at the most stressful moments.

On you can begin your road towards successful transactions, step by step, by studying the articles concerning technical and fundamental analysis put at your disposal, along with other tips as a result of other people’s mistakes, as well as daily updated graphs for the most traded stock as the Bucharest Stock Exchange, where you can apply and experiment the learned analysis methods.

To the untrained eye, jumping in the FOREX market without any prior study and preparation means in most cases bringing the trading account to ZERO (losing the initial investment). That is why it is advisable to create a concise and easily applicable trading plan. helps you take your first steps on your road towards successful transactions and to acquire the necessary skills to become a successful trader.

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