About us

Who are we?

FxRebate is an independent review and rebate provider who provides its customers with access to some of the best Forex rebate rates in the market. Because we serve many customers we are able to negotiate rebates on all trades you make. Then, we pass these savings onto our customers in the form of cash rebates paid to them every month based on their trading volume.

The more you trade the more you save, this is why every trade matters!

Who are you?

You are an individual client or referrer that wishes to earn money that are rightfully theirs out of every trade they make. Simply by registering with us, you receive monthly cash rebates.

What else do we give you?

When you sign up through FxRebate you also receive:

  • Educational materials about capital markets and trading sector
  • Analysis and market reports

How can you make more money?

As well as obtaining rebates on your own trades, we provide you with a rebate on trades on any account referred by you. Find out more here!

What risk do I have?

Like all trading services, depending client`s experience and market evolution, should exist some risks about trading financial instruments. Regarding Financial Trading Art SRL partners which we promote, we guarantee you will not experience any change to your existing service through the broker you are using, no matter of your trading evolution. The only difference to your situation is that you get paid more for trading in the same way.

How do I get started?

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Register with us here
  2. Either set up a new account using "Accounts" option in "Brokers" menu from your personal account or provide us with your existing account details
  3. Trade as individual and earn rebates!

Some of our advantages

  • Add some rebates daily and weekly in your FxRebate account
  • Fast process your withdrawal requests
  • Providing educational materials in financial trading sector
  • Highest Forex rebates 
  • Professional referral program
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